Our innovative touch-less disinfection equipment allows us to carry out any job to the highest standard and achieve a great result, killing harmful pathogens. Our highly trained operatives will work efficiently and discretely to tackle any need your premises may have.

In addition to our disinfection cleaning services, our specialist handles will prevent transfer of germs and pathogens, thereby reducing sickness levels and showing your commitment to a hygienic environment to tackle coronavirus, influenza and all other contagious diseases and bacteria.


We understand that housekeeping and cleaning are more than just about cleaning your premises. We aim to create a healthy and clean workplace that your employees and customers would love to be in. So, whether you are a small company with a couple of employees, or a large enterprise with thousands of staff, AGOT Group is always up to the challenge.


We use separate equipment and microfiber mops to minimise viral and bacterial cross-contamination between different areas such as kitchen, toilet, and the office. Our cleaners use only top-grade cleaning products and equipment that will remove all the dirt without the use of strong chemicals.

Our Cleaning Services :